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Personal financial planer

Use our banking chatbot to help customers better manage their personal finances with balance notifications, bill reminders, suggestions on how to save money, and more. This can be an important value adding service that sets you apart from your competition and drives customer loyalty. Powered by a predictive system, your bank can provide real-time financial advice, important updates on financial health indicators, and more.

Personal financial planer bot

Capture High Quality Leads

How can a chatbot help with your bank’s lead gen efforts? A banking chatbot is available to customers on demand, meaning it can engage potential customers at any time. It can be programmed to ask specific questions to gather more lead data for your CRM, exclude unqualified prospects, and deliver the most qualified leads directly to your sales reps. A banking chatbot built with Cognito can automate initial interaction with prospects, help you capture more and better quality leads, “learn” their preferences and tap into the knowledge base to make relevant product offers.

Instantly Resolve Customer Issues

Adding an AI system to your customer service strategy lets you provide personalized support to customers via chatbot that can understand context, converse with your customers in natural language, and learn from their behavior.

Chatbot can respond to a customer’s question instantly, finding the most relevant and useful answer in a matter of milliseconds. If it can't, it'll forward the request to a customer service rep who is more qualified to help.

On-demand Access to Financial Information

Today’s customers want round-the-clock access to their financial information, and using a banking chatbot is the most convenient way to provide them with that capability. Your customers can get fast insights about their account balances, spend analysis, etc.

Automate Loan Service

Use our banking chatbot to automatically respond to loan inquiries, offer guidance for loan applications, send monthly payment reminders to customers, and collect payments.

Get Smarter About Cross-Selling

Use our AI chatbot to deliver the right offer to customers every time! Target customers with the right product based on a) customer profile data or b) life events (e.g. home purchase, getting a student loan, etc.). These highly-targeted, timely offers increase conversions and have a positive impact both on banks and customers.

Enterprise Grade Security Cognito personal financial planer

Enterprise Grade Security

Connect securely with your customers. Three-factor user identification and encrypted messaging gives both you and your customers a peace of mind.

Fully Customized Cognito personal financial planer

Fully Customized

Our platform comes as a white label solution, meaning it can be customized to your specific needs and deeply integrated with your existing services. Easily connect a chatbot with your internal knowledge base, customer support software, or backend systems to allow specific customer interactions like checking their balance, paying bills, estimating loan payments, and other.

Predicitive AI Core

Predicitive AI Core

Predictive, knowledge base-supported system based on machine learning techniques. Chatbot acts as a support tool to detect and anticipate customer needs. It enables you to provide proactive support and personalized offers based on predictive analysis of individual customer needs.

Cognito personal financial planer Integration with Enterprise Systems of Record

Integration with Enterprise Systems of Record

Our chatbot platform ensures seamless integration with your bank’s systems of record (ERP, CRM) to instantly get to the right data, modify or input information. This is a big time saver for bank employees and customers alike.

Cognito personal financial planer Built-in Financial Services Knowledge

Built-in Financial Services Knowledge

Our chatbot solution comes with deep industry-specific knowledge built in, so it can solve for unique problems and predict the needs of your customers. It includes common triggers and workflows that let the bot provide immediate assistance, delivering timely advice to customers.

Cognito personal financial planer Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms

Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms

Interact with your customers through messaging channels they already use to increase engagement and build brand loyalty. SpiceFactory banking bots work on all popular messaging platforms:

  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms
  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms
  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms
  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms
  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms
  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms
  • Cognito Support for Multiple Messaging Platforms

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